аж үйлдвэрийн шилэн лазер хоолой огтлох машин янз бүрийн хоолой хэлбэртэй автомат ачаалал

аж үйлдвэрийн шилэн лазер хоолой огтлох машин янз бүрийн хоолой хэлбэртэй автомат ачаалал

Бүтээгдэхүүний мэдээлэл

Гэрчилгээ: ISO9001: 2008
Төлбөр ба хүргэх нөхцөлүүд:
Захиалгын хамгийн бага тоо: 1
Сав баглаа боодлын дэлгэрэнгүй: Модон хайрцаг
Хүргэлтийн хугацаа: 15 хоног
Нийлүүлэлтийн чадвар: 2000 нэгж

Бүтээгдэхүүний дэлгэрэнгүй тодорхойлолт

Бүтээгдэхүүний нэр:Different Shapes Of Metal Tubes Fiber Laser Cutting Machine For Industry UseЛазерын төрөл:Шилэн лазер
Лазерын хүч:500w / 800w / 1000wТайрах талбай:3000мм * 1500мм
Толгойг нь огтлох:РайтоолуудЧилэр:S&A


Different Shapes of Metal Tubes Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Industry Use
Tube laser cutting machine is a precision cutting machine and specialized developed for pipe industry by Herolaser, used to once shaping of cutting round pipe, square pipe and irregular pipes, which not limited to the length of the pipe, with high automaticity, directly lead in three-dimensional graphics, automatic recognition cutting path, and precision high-speed processing. Automatic loading and unloading systems are optional. The system supports background remote operation

Үндсэн дүрслэл

1, Adopts all- through CNC rotary chuck, large passable diameter of pipes, the largest diameter is 85mm.
2, Independent innovative designed secondary circulating feeding system, cut longer mosaic graphics within a limited range of travel.
3, Integrated cutting system, high strength automation, fast dynamic response.
4, Equipped with multiple different auxiliary gas inlet system, automatic conversion between high pressure and low pressure and different gases.


Carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, gold, silver, aluminum, and other metal pipe. Suitable for metal plate, metal parts, doors and windows, kitchenwares, handicrafts metal pipe industry.

Our Team

1.Company value: to create value for the community with laser technology.
2.Our attitude: we are honest, professional, hardworking and eager to obtain results. We take clients as our partners.
3.Rich industry experience. When we was a small factory, we had already put our focus on laser machine, which is not like some other suppliers who turned to laser market when they found the potential.
4.Separate R&D department. This means we are able to offer customized machines for our clients, cater their exclusive demands.
5.Technical supports. We have offered our machines to over 100 countries and regions, which allow us to accumulate abundant successful experience from our clients. In this way, we are able to offer all kinds technical solution and service.